Accessibility Statement

Physical Accessibility Statement

 Lovill House Inn does not offer accessible guest rooms due to the historic nature of our 1875 property, and is exempt from the definition of “covered public housing” under ADA 1991 Title III Sec.36.104 (1).  Nevertheless, the innkeepers will do everything they can to assist guests where they are able.  A minimum of 3 stairs must be climbed to get to the inn ground floor. A hand rail has been installed to assist in climbing.  We have one room on the ground floor.  The Dining room is also on the ground floor.  4 of our 5 rooms are on the 2nd floor of the Inn.  To get to them one would need to climb an additional 16 steps, again with handrail.  The stair well is narrow as in the day it was first constructed.  The Inn does not have a ramp, and is inaccessible to wheelchair.  Each room has its own private bathroom.  All bathrooms have conventional step in bathtubs with shower available in tub.  We can install wall hand braces as requested, adjusted to your need to support standing in the tub.  We accommodate all dietary needs for our breakfast serving. The Innkeepers will assist guests with luggage as requested.  Parking is a secure asphalt lot, but like most of our property is gentle sloping and not flat.

Website Accessibility Statement

 Lovill House Inn has recently enhanced making our website more accessible to people with disabilities by partnering with a Reservation System (Resnexus) which is fully ADA compliant  We have placed much of our relevant information on our site onto their reservation page for the inn for greater awareness and decision making for those with disabilities.  We always welcome calls, emails and inquiries from those who need more information.  Our navigation system has been sensitized to direct those with special readers to this page directly.  As we continue to improve our website functionality, we appreciate your concerns and suggestions. We welcome impaired users to share accessibility issues with us that you may find.

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