Boone Weather NC

Boone NC Mountain weather is something you have to experience for yourself, and more than once! The High Country region doesn’t discriminate – it proudly portrays all four distinct seasons. There’s a temperature for everyone, which is why vacationers and visitors flock to the area all year round. Take a look at what the seasonal weather conditions are like when planning your next getaway to our Lovill House Inn, and you’ll have a better idea of what to expect and how to pack.

If you’re looking for an NC ski vacation, it’s safe to assume you know Boone is noted for its mild winters. Unlike the eastern part of the state, our catch phrase should be ‘snowfall happens here.’ Western North Carolina isn’t a place you want to be between December and early to mid March if you aren’t a fan of the white stuff. If you are a fan, on the other hand, of chilly temperatures, snowball fights, tubing and skiing, ice skating, hot tubbing, and driving down country roads surrounded by snow covered branches, this is the place to be!

There are also plenty of things to do in the Boone NC area throughout spring, summer, and fall, as well. High elevation is the primary factor in the year round mild climate and weather for Boone NC. Spring can be all over the thermometer from a frigid 40 degrees to a blistering 90. In any case, it’s a lively season, bringing color to the rolling hills. Summer temps are normally in the 80s, the Mountain Laurel is plentiful, and nearby creaks, hiking trails, and golf courses are hopping. Autumn is equally enticing, if not more. We have people travel from all over the map just to catch a glimpse of the changing leaves. The red, orange, and yellow that blankets the trees are quite a sight. Comfortable temperatures during the day and the crisp cool air that moves in at night are a good combination.

If one particular time of year suits you best, well then call us today to be sure you can schedule your trip when the weather in Boone North Carolina is just right. If they all sound appealing to you, we’d love to have you be a repeat guest. Come and stay at the premier bed and breakfast Boone NC, and experience firsthand the delightful Boone NC Mountain weather.