Crab Orchard Falls – Waterfalls Near Boone NC

Looking for a great hike to a gorgeous scenic waterfall, amidst a historic setting? If that doesn’t sound like an enchanted adventure I’m not sure what does. There are many waterfalls near Boone NC that are worth checking out while you are staying at the Lovill House Inn and Spring House Cottage, hotels in Boone NC, but the one to Crab Orchard Falls in Valle Crucis, North Carolina is truly special.

To get to Valle Crucis NC¬†you’ll travel down Highway 105 to the intersection with Broadstone Road, at a stoplight. You’ll know you are in the right place when you see the cute little historic wood building on the corner, aptly named The Ham Shoppe. If you are hungry, stop in for a delicious gourmet sandwich or some homemade fudge. Travel down Broadstone Road, and take a left onto Highway 194, right across from the Valle Crucis Elementary School. You’ll see the signs for the Valle Crucis Conference Center on the right, and that’s where you’ll want to park. The Valle Crucis Conference Center is a historic Episcopal Mission that was established originally in 19th century. The Gothic style, Church of the Holy Cross, that you’ll pass by, was built in 1924 and is especially beautiful.

The Crab Orchard Falls hike is a more strenuous hike. It’s only a 1/2 mile trip, but the gains in elevation are tough. The beginning of the trail sits at an elevation of 2,785 ft and at the 4/10 of a mile marker, the point where you begin to head down to the falls, you are at an elevation of 3,110 ft. Crab Orchard Falls is the highest of the waterfalls near Boone NC. In fact, rumor has it, that no one has ever been able to measure the falls because it’s just too dangerous to get to certain parts of it.