Mystery Hill

A fun and exciting place to visit and one of the top things to do in Boone NC is visit Mystery Hill. This place of wonder is located in between Boone and Blowing Rock right off of Highway 321, Blowing Rock Road. It is about a 15 minute drive from the Lovill House Inn, bed and breakfast Boone NC.

Once the site of an apple orchard and cider mill, this location has always been known for its pecularities and strange phenomena. In 1957, when the current owners were visiting the private home, then owned by a man by the name of William Hudson, they were told of a weird gravitational pull on the side of the mountain that caused unusual things to happen. For example, Hudson operated a cider mill on a wooden platform. Identical twins who worked at the mill at the time, could stand on opposite sides of the platform, and the twin standing on the north end always looked taller. When the twins would switch places, the twin on the northern end still looked taller. Also, the apple trees in the orchard grew towards the north, against the natural trend, and into the prevailing winds.

Mystery Hill, a top attraction and one of many family friendly things to do in Boone NC is over 65 years old and contains so many wacky things to see and experience. You can tour the Mystery Hill home, as well as the fun, Hall of Mystery. Also, on site is the Native American Artifacts Museum and the Appalachian Heritage Museum, also referred to as the Dougherty House. Prices are cheap! Children under 4 are free, ages 5 – 12 are $7.00, ages 13 – 39 $9.00 and ages 60 + are $8.00.

Our bed and breakfast Boone NC is convenient to this and other fun things to do in Boone NC such as the ski resorts, hiking the Blue Ridge Parkway  and much more!