Lovill House Inn

Seasonal Activities in Blowing Rock

Bed and Breakfast Blowing Rock NCThe crisp air has finally arrived, the fall colors are thriving, and Halloween is just a few weeks away. With the colder weather comes the ever rising excitement for the Holidays. A time where you can cuddle up near the fire with a mug of hot tea. A time when staying in all day is a perfectly acceptable pass time for the day. Being closer to each other always lends a hand to the perfect holiday romance, and what better way to celebrate each other than to visit the Lovill House Inn in beautiful Boone, North Carolina?

Along with all the small-town things to do in Boone, a short drive away from our bed and breakfast Blowing Rock NC is the perfect small town for a day trip with your honey. There are many activities to keep you busy during the chilly weather season. Visit the small, locally owned shops and pick up presents for your family and friends for the holidays. While you are there, grab something for yourself too! There are a myriad of shops to choose from, from Southern charm boutiques to modern kitchen gadgets to outside-the-box hot sauces for every occasion.

If you are in the mood for great food, we can point you where to go. Convenient to the bed and breakfast Blowing Rock NC restaurants are some of the best in the state. From down-home American to farm-to-table dining, this town has it all. Not to mention the fantastic brewery in the area. If you’re looking for a little more adventure, head to Chetola for a bonfire and marshmallow roast every Friday from 8-11pm.

When you visit us at The Lovill House Inn, be sure to ask us for more fun fall activities. We look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy your time in the beautiful High Country fall weather!