Lovill House Inn

Boone, Blowing Rock NC Bed and Breakfast & Fun Activities

blowing rock nc bed and breakfastThe Lovill House Inn, a Boone and Blowing Rock NC bed and breakfast, is nestled comfortably in High Country. With so much culture and history, it’s hard not to get lost in the past in our small-town world. This region is known for Appalachian folk-lore, but we are known to adapt our ways from other cultures as well. One piece of history our guests can get involved in is contra dancing, a fun community event that is easy to participate in and gets everyone involved.

Contra dancing is a style of partner dancing with mixed origins of English, Scottish, and French. In contra dancing, or country dancing, dancers stand across from each other and perform moves indicated by a caller while music is played. While this style originated “across the pond,” it became prevalent in New England in the 1700s and moved South through the states. The areas near our very own Boone and Blowing Rock NC bed and breakfast still hold country dances once a month.

Throughout our region, there are numerous contra dance communities. Ours in Boone call themselves the “Boone Country Dancers” and host dances on a chosen weekend each month throughout the year. During the winter months, you can join their dances at the Cove Creek School Gym. During the warmer months, you can break out your cotton shirts and skirts and meet at the Apple Barn in Valle Crucis. Either venue provides a sheltered atmosphere for a fantastic time experiencing Appalachian Culture.

For a full schedule of contra dances from the Boone Country Dancers, visit www.boonecountrydancers.org and pick your dance! Alongside the contra dances, there are numerous other activities to do in the High Country. Call the Lovill House Inn today to make your reservation and plan to dance the night away in the mountains of North Carolina.