Lovill House Inn

Honeysuckle Surrounds our Boone, Blowing Rock Bed and Breakfast

blowing rock bed and breakfastDo you remember playing outside as a kid and jumping for joy at finding a honeysuckle plant? It became a favorite pass time to sit under a bush with the sweet smell surrounding you, pulling out and eating the nectar. The hills of North Carolina are rampant with honeysuckle. We here at the Lovill House Inn, a Boone and Blowing Rock bed and breakfast, consider honeysuckle infused and flavored “stuff” is a southern staple. Here are a few of our favorite honeysuckle “things.”

In the south, sweet tea is just as much of a staple as whiskey and sunshine. While you never want to mess with perfection, we also think honeysuckle tea is a fantastic refreshing drink on a hot summer day. Gather a bunch of the blooms, preferably just-opened blooms or even some that haven’t popped open yet. From there, place them in a pitcher or mason jar and cover them with just-starting-to-boil water. Add your favorite sweetener, stir, strain, add a few mint sprigs and voila! Honeysuckle tea perfect for a front porch sit after a long hike on one of the Blue Ridge Mountain trails.

Another honeysuckle item we find we can’t get enough of is honeysuckle oil. This has many benefits and, regardless, just smells good. It’s great aromatherapy when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. A few drops in a bath after a yoga class and you should be feeling good as new. Not to mention the anti-inflammatory properties that helps with skin care.

When you are in town and staying with us at the Lovill House Inn, grab a bunch of honeysuckle buds and sit a while on our porch. Let the sweet mountain air relax you at our beautiful Boone and Blowing Rock bed and breakfast. We guarantee the best vacation you have had in a long time. Come in and see us!