Lovill House Inn

Front view of the Lovill House Inn

Local Artists

Featuring Local Artists in the Lovill House Inn

Lovill House Inn is the gallery to several local artists.

Their work is featured throughout the house and in the rooms.

Artwork is available for purchase to support these fine artists.

Click here for more information about the Watauga Arts Council and our local artists.

Karin Neuvirth ​​

My Paintings have long been inspired by nature, but since we have moved to Boone, I feel like I have endless inspiration. Every hike is filled with a wonderful combination of trees, rivers, and paths. Each turn of the trail unveiling a new composition just waiting to be painted. I know that colors impact our emotions. The vibrant color combinations I use in my work are meant to be uplifting and inspirational. I paint with a palette knife to create textural, energetic, and impressionistic paintings that speak to my own spontaneous yet restless nature. I want to create works that combat the negativity in the world and replace it with joy. My subjects are simple, but they are things that we should stop and pay attention to every day. We should take time to just feel the colors in the world around us.

Earl Davis

Earl Davis is a man with many interests! During fifty plus years in Christian ministry he found time while fulfilling his calling as a physician of souls to enjoy lamp working (glassblowing), learning to pilot aircraft, write books (take a look at his RACCOON THEOLOGY or one of his other books at Amazon), and engage in oil painting. He is a native of Madison, Florida, his great-great grandfather Davis moving to Florida before it became a state. Dr. Davis’ educational background includes a B.A., Stetson University; B.D., Southeastern Seminary; and a Ph.D., Southern Seminary. He has taught at several colleges and seminaries. His pastorates include the First Baptist Churches of Marianna, FL; Dalton, GA; and Memphis,TN. He began to paint years ago as an escape from the tension of a stressful career. Ask any pastor about that! For the last decade or so he has endeavored to become a serious painter in oil. While he has no formal art training, some of his mentors through the media and print include painters such as Richard Schmid, Mark Boedges, and Bill Inman. His art work is primarily landscapes of a Realism and/or Impressionistic style.
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