Lovill House Inn

Movies We Recommend For Your Stay

Blowing Rock NC bed and breakfastEvery so often, we here at Lovill House Inn, a comfy Blowing Rock NC bed and breakfast, just need a weekend where we treat ourselves. We like to spend the entire weekend in, cuddling under blankets with mugs of coffee, books, or our favorite movies. This resets our brain and allows us to enjoy a little bit of “me” time. During the summer this gets tough. The weather is pretty and warm and town is busy, it’s hard to not join the party. With colder weather here, however, we have primed our Inn for the perfect weekend in with your sweetheart. Here are some movie suggestions to make your “hermit weekend” a little more relaxing.

If you’re looking for a romantic movie with an inspirational story and a bit of an emotional pull, Me Before You should be your go-to. Based on the novel by Jojo Moyes, Me Before You involves a recently unemployed twenty-something year old woman being unexpectedly offered a job to tend to a quadriplegic man. Grab a tissue box, you’re most definitely going to need it.

For History buffs, Free State of Jones is another of our favorite movies. Starring Matthew McConaughey, this historically based movie revolves around a southern farmer who makes himself a controversial figure of defiance during the Civil War by banding together with other small farmers and local slaves to create an uprising. Based on a true story, this movie had us captivated from start to finish.

You can rent these titles as well as others at any of the local Redbox machines. We also have WiFi, for those of you who are more into watching TV shows on Netflix or Hulu. You will find that our staff and amenities are very accommodating at our Blowing Rock NC bed and breakfast. Call us today to make a reservation for your relaxing weekend in. We look forward to seeing you soon.