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New Restaurants | Boone & Blowing Rock NC Bed and Breakfast

blowing rock nc bed and breakfastAt our Boone and Blowing Rock NC Bed and Breakfast, we know good food. Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Lovill House Inn Bed and Breakfast knows the need for good, homecooked food to make your soul happy. You can count on a hot, made-from-scratch breakfast each morning that you stay with us at the Lovill House Inn. We also understand the need for adventure, so if you’re tired of the usual Appalachian country cuisine, try out some of the new spots around town, as well as the tried and true.

My Pho Vietnamese just opened a short time ago and offers a Chipotle-style “build-your-own” Pho Bowl experience. Start with broth, pick your noodles, add toppings, and you have your delicious dinner. My Pho is located at the intersection of King Street and Water Street in Downtown Boone.

If you’re really in the noodle bowl spirit, you can also try Gaijin Noodle Bar. Gaijin is more focused toward Japanese Cuisine with traditional Ramen and Steamed Buns featured on the menu. This yummy eatery is across from the Holmes Convocation Center at the intersection of Rivers Street and Hardin Street in Boone.

Featuring a menu that offers tastes of countries all across Asia, Sabeing Boone King has been reviewed as delicious and affordable. With sushi, curry, and your favorite entrees, there’s something for everyone at Sabeing. Located at the opposite end of King Street from My Pho, you could have lunch at one, shop King Street, and have dinner at the other.

If you are staying with us at the Lovill House Inn, the best choice for a Boone and Blowing Rock NC bed and breakfast, adventure out to the newer spots. With rave reviews from the locals, we’re positive you will find an adventurous dish you’ll love.