Lovill House Inn

SkiSugar Season is Coming!

SkisugarSki season is almost upon us! Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh fallen snow, the sound of boots snapping into skis, and the rush of wind and powder against their face as you speed down the slopes? There are several amazing ski slopes to choose from in the High Country. The most accessible to the Lovell House Inn is Sugar Mountain Resort.

If you find yourself wanting to SkiSugar Mountain, it is a short 25 minute drive from the Inn to the resort. You can take your own equipment or you can rent your own from the resort’s rental shop. There are also several ski shops around the area that offer rentals as well. Ski and snowboarding lessons are provided through the resort and can be booked ahead of time.

Sugar Mountain Ski Resort also has several other activities to do once you are there. If you don’t ski or would not consider yourself a snowboarder, you can always try your hand at ice skating. For those who would prefer not to try their hand at balancing on their feet on slick snow or ice, Sugar Mountain also offers tickets for tubing sessions.

There are plenty of dining options in the area as well, from a snack bar in the tubing area to a fine Italian restaurant a short distance away. The resort itself offers a snack bar, cafeteria, casual grill, and full service lounge. Be sure to take advantage of any of those offerings, especially if skiing during the evening session where the slopes are closed from 4:30-6pm.

Though there are places to stay near the resort, we recommend looking into the Lovill House Inn for the peace and quiet after a long day of skiing. Our rooms are warm, our location remote, and more importantly, you get your privacy. What could be better than returning from a day in the cold to a hot bath and a warm comfy bed?

When you visit Lovell House Inn, be sure to take a trip to SkiSugar Mountain! Plan your trip ahead of time. Slopes are usually open by Thanksgiving – visit www.skisugar.com for more information! See you soon!