Lovill House Inn

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Daniel Boone Inn

Daniel Boone InnThe Lovill House Inn is one of the top picks in the high country for bed and breakfasts in Boone NC. Being situated in Boone, we like to think of it as our home. There are so many amazing things to see and do. King Street in downtown Boone offers a small town feel with a wide variety of stores to comb through. The restaurants in town offer anything from local fast food joints to sports bars to farm-to-table dining.

One thing we love most about this area is the fall season. The sense of community that brings this town together is overwhelmingly beautiful. One of our favorite holidays, of course, is Thanksgiving. There are many places in town to have your Thanksgiving dinner, but we think the most unique experience is the Daniel Boone Inn in Boone, a short drive from the Inn.

The Dan’l Boone Inn is unlike any other restaurant in Boone because, along with the fantastic food, this restaurant is family style dining. Whether you are two or twelve, you will receive large bowls of home-style food. On any regular day, you get to choose from fried chicken, country style steak, and ham, but on Thanksgiving, you get the whole traditional spread. You can expect to see turkey, dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans, and more. There is a set price for each adult and you eat til you are full with a choice of dessert. It is recommended, however, that for larger parties of 15+, you book weeks (or months!) in advance to insure prompt service.

Family is important to us here at the Lovill House Inn, and we believe Thanksgiving is best served family style. The Daniel Boone Inn in downtown Boone is well worth the trip, we encourage you to visit during your stay with us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

For more information on the Daniel Boone Inn visit www.danlbooneinn.com