Lovill House Inn

A Unique Day In at Bed and Breakfast Blowing Rock & Boone

Not every single trip you take is going to be action packed. In fact, you may not want to do anything at all. We completely understand. We have lots of guests who come by just to stay in and away from crowds. The Lovill House Inn Bed and Breakfast is the top Bed and Breakfast Blowing Rock and Boone. We make sure that our inn is an oasis for those who spend all day out or those who spend all day in. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of unique things to do if you finish all your books during your stay.

1. Start learning a new language!

There are so many things smart phones can do these days. The app Duolingo makes it easy to learn new languages. So far, Greek has been a fun language to try and take up.

bed and breakfast blowing rock2. Create a one-day itinerary for the trip you learned the language for.

 Did you learn Greek? Plan a trip to Greece! Did you learn Italian? French? You get our gist. Of course we’ll miss you at our Bed and Breakfast Blowing Rock and Boone but there’s nothing wrong with new adventures.

3. Learn to knit.

Yarn is cheap and so are knitting needles. Even the most basic of stitches can be mastered in a few hours. If you have the time to knit a whole scarf, you can save it for the Doc Watson statue in Downtown Boone (he never goes a day without a scarf).

4. Write a book.

Everyone brings books on vacations to read, but who writes one? If you need a little inspiration for your story line, the innkeepers at Lovill House are happy to give any input. We look forward to hosting the next great writer.

5. Draw, sketch, color, or (carefully) paint.nbed and breakfast blowing rock

The surroundings of our inn are absolutely beautiful. We welcome you to have a seat with a sketch pad and pencils and trace out how you see our lovely inn. While we would love to see your vision in a painting, we would request that you mind our interior decoration and paint the beautiful scenery of the great outdoors.

We look forward to seeing you when you come in. We are always happy to recommend things to do, whether you would like to stay in or go out. Looking forward to seeing you at The Lovill House Inn soon!