Lovill House Inn

Walking and Running Near The Lovill House Inn

Inns in North CarolinaThe mountains may not seem like an ideal place to lace up your sneakers and go for a morning jog, but much to our guests surprise, there are several wonderful spots to breathe in the crisp air of a mountain sunrise. The Lovill House Inn is convenient to many parks and popular running and walking routes. If you find boosting your heart rate is your express ticket to a stress free day, we’ve got the perfect locations for you to check out during your stay with us in beautiful Boone, North Carolina.

Just a short drive away from The Lovill House Inn is King Street, the heart of beautiful, historic downtown Boone. The sidewalks, though sometimes bustling with shoppers and sight-seers, are a perfect place for a run. If unique boutique stores, craft eateries, and sidewalk artists fuel your workouts, King Street and the surrounding streets of downtown Boone are your perfect chill pill.

One of the most common spots in Boone to meander around is the Greenway Trail. The Greenway is located about 15 minutes from The Lovill House Inn. There are several spots to enter the Greenway Trail, and the paths wander through wooded areas and along a river. You can also see the ruins of the first hydroelectric generation plant in Boone.

In Valle Crucis, another 15 minute drive from The Lovill House Inn, there is a park with a paved loop that provides a flatter surface. You can pick the distance you would like to run on a path split in two parts. Also included are restrooms, playgrounds, picnic tables and shelters, and river access for fishing.

We would love to have you at The Lovill House Inn for the relaxing stay of your dreams. If you need direction on where to sweat out your stress, we have you covered.

For more information on the Boone Greenway, visit www.exploreboone.com/outdoors/hiking/boone-greenway/

For more information on the Valle Crucis park, visit www.vallecrucispark.org