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Getaway Packages and Massage

When making your reservation at the Lovill House Inn, select the add on package to best suit your needs and save.

- 2 pm Early Check In

- 12 pm Late Check Out

- A seasonal bouquet of flowers

- A bottle of  aromatherapy spray

- A taste of local chocolates

(Value $175)

A Little Romance - $99


A Lot of Romance - $399

- 2 x 90* Minute Massage sessions (to be given consecutively)

- A seasonal bouquet of flowers

- A dessert for 2 in your room

- 2pm Early Check In

- 12pm Late Check Out

(Value $500)


Happy Birthday - $199

- One 90* Minute Massage session

- A birthday cake for 2 (Minimum 1 week advance)

- 2pm Early Check In

(Value $245)


Massage and Bodywork


Relax, rejuvenate, and indulge. You’ve earned it! Our in house Licensed Massage Therapist, Heather Ayers, will set up a  transformative spa like setting in your room.   Let her knead away all your cares with a specialized  full body Swedish Massage or choose to focus on specific areas.  Feel your head, neck and shoulder tension melt away under Heather's expert hands.  

If you book a massage online, you will receive a call to confirm the service you would like and the price will be altered accordingly by the innkeeper who calls you to confirm service, date and time. 


Services Available:

Nervous System Reset

*90-min session- $149

              Also available as a 30-minute add on to any

                service -$55

Enjoy a profound boost to the major organs and systems of the body. 


Full Body Swedish Massage 

* 90-min massage-$149 

Relax, rejuvenate & indulge with a gentle full-body 90-minute massage.


Deeply Soothing Head, Hands, Shoulders & Foot Massage

* 90-min massage- $149

              Also available as a 30-min add-on - $65

Feel your head, neck, shoulder and feet tension melt away in our unique massage experience.


Revitalizing Facial Massage 

45 min session-$70

              Also available as a 30-min add-on - $55

Enjoy a luxuriously subtle yet profound head, scalp and face massage. (Excellent Add-On to Any service.)


*Please note: a 90-minute session includes 15 minute set up time, 60-minute massage and 15 minutes of relaxing time on the table.  All sessions include time to set up and rest after your treatment.

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